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OwnYourIBD is an information portal for all things related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). It is for people with (or if you are caring for someone with) Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis – the two most common forms of IBD.

The Road to Ownership. Walk in the shoes of people with IBD – from when they first experience symptoms to a proper diagnosis and what treatment options are available to what a path to recovery may look like.


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The Impact of IBD on Mental Health

Dr Knowles' clinical and research interest relate to the biological and psychological interactions of gastrointestinal conditions ...

Find out what people with IBD are talking about now. These could be concerns, advice on living with IBD or miscellaneous questions. The OwnYourIBD articles are written by people who care about IBD.


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The Impact of IBD on Mental Health


You’ve now finished exploring The Road to Ownership, but now is the time to take charge and go own your IBD. Because we’ve interviewed patients along their road to ownership, we understand that the IBD journey can be long and won’t be easy. So consider joining a Support Group to meet others and share advice. If you’re interested in the latest IBD research, find out more at Crohn’s & Colitis Australia.

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