School support kit

There are a number of ways of supporting young people living with Crohn’s disease (CD). The following resources have been developed to help students living with CD get the most out of their education.

For educators

Assisting students with Crohn’s disease – educator fact sheet

Sharing this factsheet with members of the teaching staff can help make sure that they are aware of CD, the possible implications for young people and what they can do to help.

Class leave card

This Class leave card can be used to allow students with CD to leave class and go to the bathroom as needed, without having to call attention to themselves by asking for permission.

For young people living with CD

Thriving with Crohn’s disease – student fact sheet

Young people living with CD may have questions about their condition and how it will affect their school life. This factsheet can help to answer those questions as they come up.

I have Crohn’s disease card

It can be difficult for young people to approach their teacher and talk to them about their condition. They can give their card to their teacher(s) to give them a brief overview and open up a