What is ownership?

After diagnosis of a chronic condition like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), there are a range of emotions you may experience along your journey to ownership. Denial, bargaining, anger, sadness, distress, guilt and shame are all common reactions. It can feel like a rollercoaster when you are accepting one day and sad the next. If you are not taking good care of yourself, you may be thrown into consideration of the consequences of your actions.

As you take steps towards looking after yourself, you may begin to experience the benefits that staying healthy and sticking to treatment offer. You may come to accept that while there are some things you can’t control, you can choose to eat well, take your medications as prescribed and surround yourself with a support network.

Ownership develops through self-discovery, experiencing first-hand how your treatment plan works towards keeping you well, and the realisation that there are things you can do that can impact how you are doing, both good and bad. For some, this may be a gradual process while others have a moment of realisation, where they may even change the way they view themselves and their place in the world.

Taking ownership of your life means you are working towards making informed and shared decisions about your health.


This website provides links to resources with information to help empower you to take ownership of your life with IBD.